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As part of the project, a set of documents has been developed for the SEO optimiser platform:

  1. Conducting a qualitative comparison of competitors.

  2. Preparing a document for additional functional development to the existing platform.

  3. Generating the necessary terms for use in the project.

  4. Describing the domain model step-by-step:
    4.1. Description of the necessary functionality for the system’s performance;

    4.2. Object lifecycles as part of the system work;

    4.3. Description of the interface and electronic interactions during the system operation;

    4.4. Description of the interaction of all system’s members;

    4.5. Schemes and diagrams for the indicated sections.

  5. The business requirements section includes the following items:
    5.1. The goal and full description of the business process;

    5.2. Description of roles and required subjects access;

    5.3. Description of facilities and requirements for their development;

    5.4. Interaction scenarios.

  6. Creating the necessary documentation of software requirements with their description and diagrams. This section also includes requirements for the platform interface and requirements for security of information against unauthorized access.

  7. Suggesting options for system integration.

  8. General system architecture with the description of data bases and SEO optimiser.

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