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As part of the development, the following set of documents has been prepared:

  1. The description of the interaction model of all subjects and objects of the platform, including:

1.1. Description of legally relevant interactions

1.2. Objects’ life cycles as part of the system operation

1.3. Description of interface and electronic interactions during the system operation

The descriptions are presented both as texts and as graphic elements (schemes, diagrams).

  1. Business requirements for the creation of the system, including a description of the possible roles and actions of the subjects, typical cases of interactions, the logic of access and restrictions within the system.

  2. Functional requirements for the system, including graphical representations of the operation of system algorithms, descriptions of data models, technical requirements and restrictions for platforms and interface elements, as well as developing prototypes of the main interface elements.

  3. The general architecture of the system at the organization level of the interface part and the organization of data storage.

  4. Additional descriptive sections, such as the set of used terms (a glossary), requirements for accessibility.

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