Advantage of working with professional outsourced analysts

21 september 2020, 21:54   Industry and corporate news  
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What is a professional IT analyst? First of all, this is a person who has devoted a significant part of his professional activity to identifying the requirements of users of information systems, their analysis, systematization, formalization, etc. He presents these requirements in an understandable way to the developers who develop these systems. Secondly, this is a person who has undergone training in both core and related areas, owns a variety of tools and approaches to interviewing, analyzing requirements, presenting a variety of ideas and approaches in a visual form, understandable as a customer of the system and the performer.

How can the competitive advantages described above influence the choice between a team analyst and an outsourced analyst team? Let's analyze.

"Human resources is key" is a thesis familiar to many people. It would be great to find an experienced, executive, sociable employee, at the same time one who does not require high pay for his experience and knowledge. Nothing is impossible, and this is also possible, but I have never met a company that succeeds. I met various options - an analyst who came with little experience and grew professionally in his place, but did not grow financially - YES. An analyst with extensive experience who came to the team for decent money - YES. But there is NO third option. Isn't it a bad thing to have this option? After all, what is an employee's salary - an expense. But let's not forget that the cost of an error at the analysis stage is a huge expense, up to the impossibility of implementing an IT project within an acceptable time frame and budget.

So, we will try to formulate a difficult task - you need a specialist with extensive experience who is guaranteed to cope with your task for little money. Complicated? Yes! But let's look at a few options.

The first option is a staff member. As mentioned above, actually finding an inexpensive and good employee on the staff is a fantastic task, although sometimes there are altruists, but finding such a person will take a lot of time and, most likely, will not be crowned with success. At the same time, it is not a fact that you need an employee at the end of the project, and dismissing a person is not always easy, and in some countries it is impossible.

The second option is not to hire an employee to the staff of the company, but to seek help from a freelancer? The option is not bad, it may be possible to save on taxes, which will allow you to hire a more qualified (more expensive) specialist. However, this option has one big drawback, since this option is suitable for independent and disciplined people who are able to work without constant supervision from their superiors. If the person you found will over and over again forget about appointments, miss deadlines and perform poor-quality work - this will eventually become a source of additional risks from his “disappearance” at the most inconvenient moment.

You need a professional analyst who will complete our task within a certain budget, while our relationship should be structured in such a way that the risk of non-fulfillment is minimal. Well, this is our third option - a team of professionals on outsourcing. The statement of the problem, budget, deadlines and responsibilities of the parties - all this becomes the subject of contractual relations. The money spent under this agreement can be confidently attributed to production costs and reduce the tax base. But the most important thing is that you get access not to one specialist, but to a team whose members are constantly improving their skills and expanding their area of ​​knowledge. The budget and deadlines become the subject of an agreement, while the risks of exceeding the deadlines or budget can be divided or completely attributed to the executing team.

Our specialists of the ReqnDoc team will evaluate your task based on their rich experience, offer a fair price, and take the risks associated with exceeding the deadline or budget. Preparation of IT documentation is our business and we are ready to help you create high-quality documents at an affordable price.


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