Technical writer | Documentation writer.

A technical writer is a specialist who draws up documentation as part of the development of various programs and automated systems.

A technical writer is a specialist who draws up documentation while developing various programs and automated systems. Technical writing companies bring together a group of such experts. Today remote technical writers are very common. First of all, documentation writer compiles the following documents:

  • tasks for developers and other team members;
  • manuals;
  • technical tasks;
  • technical certificates;
  • technical conditions;
  • other product descriptions.

In some cases, technical content writers use graphic editors to make their explanations clear. As illustrations, not only static pictures are used, but also animation (flash-clips).

The main task of a technical writer is to prepare a text that in an accessible language will explain to a future user the rules for exploiting the product. The result of the work of a tech writer is a manual with a detailed description of the features of using the product and clear illustrations. This task is easily handled by a junior technical writer.

Types of technical writers

1) The technical writer translates "from the developer to the customer." A technical writer studies existing equipment or a program and, having delved into them to the level of a developer, writes instructions of various levels, up to very detailed user instructions, according to which even a beginner can use a complex program without problems.

2) The technical writer “from customer to developer” is an analyst whose task is to correctly assess the needs of the customer and, after coordinating everything with the customer, delivers his thoughts to the developers.

Duties of technical author

Writing technical documentation is not the only responsibility of a senior technical writer. The duties of an IT technical writer include:

  1. Designing and structuring documents in accordance with the standard (organization standard, international standards), as well as the preparing the necessary graphic images.
  2. Writing Wiki and How to topics.
  3. Managing documents, namely: regular verification and, if necessary, adjustment in order to maintain relevance.
  4. Testing new IT products and programs.
  5. Preparing materials for technical presentations.
  6. Participating in the implementation and technical support of users of the new software.
  7. Localizing documentation into different languages.


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