Target Rating Points | Аudience Rating Points calculation

Target audience rating – a description of a certain group of consumers within a predetermined target market, which have been identified as objects or recipients of a specific product or service.



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Target audience rating is a concept that is used in marketing and means the percentage of the target audience to which advertising was shown through the media.

The main goal of the audience assessment is to measure the number of impressions for the target audience in relation to advertising. Sometimes these indicators are used to assess WHO reads /listens rather than HOW MANY people do it.

Target audience rating points quantitatively determine the rating points achieved by advertising or campaigns among target people in most of the population. Thus, if an advertisement appears more than once, then for the entire gross audience, the TRP indicator is the sum of each individual c multiplied by the estimated target audience in the gross audience.

Target audience rating points and gross rating point are important components of determining the marketing effectiveness of specific advertising.

TRP are often summarized by week and presented in a flowchart so that the marketer can see the number of impressions delivered to the target audience from each media channel.

How is te target audience rating points calculation done?

During the use of the device, the data are converted by a special program that tracks time and resource. The data is analyzed by the monitoring team, after which TRP is compiled.

Another method of analysis is to collect images, which are then analyzed in the same way.

Here is the audience assessment template:

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