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Business requirements define the purpose of the software and describe the vision and scope. Business requirements are functional in nature (requirements for system behavior).

Business process requirements determine the purpose of the product, as well as the benefits that can be obtained and the risks that may be encountered during the implementation of the project. We can name it «requirements to start a business».

Business requirement specification contain high-level goals of the organization or customers of the system. As a rule, they are expressed by those who finance the project, system buyers, real user manager and marketing department. This document explains why the organization needs one and describes the goals that the organization intends to achieve with its help.

Business qualifications should be resolved before the final determination of functional and non-functional requirements. The provisions on the scope and limitations of the project greatly help in the discussion of the proposed functions and target releases. Business requirements are the starting point for making decisions about proposed changes and improvements to requirements.

Identifying required business benefits

Company requirements define the context and measure the benefits that an organization expects to receive from a project. Organizations should not initiate a project without a clear understanding of the benefits that it will bring to the business.

Is it needed to engage business analyst?

Writing business requirements can come from project sponsors, top managers, marketing managers or those responsible for the product concept. However, identifying and communicating business benefits can be difficult. Team members are not always sure what the task of the project is. Sometimes curators do not want to define goals in a measurable way, way so that later they are not responsible for achieving them. There may be several stakeholders who disagree with the goals. The analyst must conduct the business requirements analysis and ensure that the business requirements are identified by the right stakeholders and organize the collection, prioritization and resolution of conflicts.

Business goals vs business requirements

Business needs and goals are not the same thing. The goal of any business is, basically, to sell something (goods, services), it sells a certain value; A requirement is something that the business believes should be present in the product and provide a sale.

What is business requirements document?

The business requirements document contains a detailed business solution for the project, and emphasizes the needs and expectations of the client.

The main objectives of the business requirements document are:

  • Find a common ground between stakeholders.
  • Make a detailed description of the needs of the customer and the business, which must be satisfied with a business solution.

Below is a simple business requirements example:

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