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Code documentation – accompanying modules, classes and functions with docstrings explaining their purpose.



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What is API?

It is difficult to track how many times the API (Application Programming Interfaces, application programming interfaces) accompany our lives every day or even every hour. When your PayPal transaction takes place or when the Uber driver picks you up, the API itself is invisible, and this is more than typical of user software. The API is used even when you embed YouTube videos in a WordPress post.

The API provides users (usually software developers) an interface that allows you to get what they need from your software and integrate it into their application.

Documenting code

Since programming languages have a large number of built-in and third-party modules, it is impossible to remember all of them, including their functionality. Therefore, it is important to document your code. Documentation does not mean comments, but so-called docstrings, which are usually added to the beginning of a module, class, method or function.

The main purpose of comments is to explain what the code does, how it works. The main purpose of docstrings is to briefly describe in general what an object is for, what arguments it takes, and what it returns.

There are many tools for documenting code, from ordinary comments in the text (in a programming environment), to using various programs and documenting code instruments, such as: DOXYGEN, SPHINX, PANDOC, LATEX, SWAGGER etc. But it is better to entrust this work to online specialist of our company who can help with code documenting.

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