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Theoretical justification for development - the original postulates of research.



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Justification for the need for the project development will be the first step towards the implementation of the project. The key result of this process will be a feasibility study. The feasibility study will clearly show investors the need for financing this project. In addition, the feasibility study will determine the risks associated with the project.

Why is a justification proposal needed?

One of the components of the software project development initiation is the reasonable justification. Not all IT projects are successful, and thus it is necessary to check the need for development and to clarify whether investments in the project and the process of its development will be considered. In other words, it is necessary to determine the best solution for the implementation of the project and, if there is such a solution, to explain its unicity.

Often this stage of project development is missed by the developers themselves for a number of reasons: there is little time for development due to  high competition in the market; a personal desire to launch the project as soon as possible and start making profit from it. But if the developer is sure that the project will be launched, it still makes sense to create the justification project. First of all, it will eliminate the argumentation problems connected with the need for the development, if it is called into question. In addition, if during the preparation for the justification work it turns out that the project does not make sense, then it will be an indicator that alternatives should be considered.

What is included in the justification plan?

 The feasibility study contains the following data:

  • Economic feasibility of the project.
  • Technical feasibility of the project.
  • Project feasibility.
  • Political feasibility of the project.
  • Project implementation options.

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