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Startup documents – a full set of documents about the company with its brief operating activity history.



  • Pages per document: 100+    
  • Font size: 14    
  • Document format: docx, pdf    
  • Development time: 30-60 days    
  • Prepayment: 50% of the total amount    
  • Signing a contract: yes    
  • Free consultations: yes (1 hour)    

One of the requirements for a startup is creating the legal documents for startups. Meanwhile, startup documents are one of the factors determining the success of the project promotion.

Founder's advisor agreement

Using this document, the founders fix their mutual expectations, which will avoid conflicts in the future.


Often, founders of startup projects rush to register a simple agreement for future equity. In such a situation, the Charter (Bylaws) must determine the percentage of votes for serious decisions within the company. It is also important to remember that the charter should take into account the peculiarities of a startup.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

These business startup documents protect the features of development. It must be concluded before conducting any business negotiations between the parties in order to protect the ideas of the founders and ensure the protection of intellectual property.

What is included in start-up documents regarding confidentiality?

  • Confidential information about the object.
  • Standards for the processing of confidential information.
  • Information about the owner of confidential information.
  • Period during which the information is confidential. This period also determines the possible date of disclosure.

Employee Confidential Information and Inventions Assignment Agreement

This document must be signed by everyone involved in the development of the project. Even small performers should be considered.

Founder’s shareholder agreement

This document is intended for those cases when the project is ready to accept private investment. The document defines the rights of shareholders, as well as the cases when these rights can be applied. Shareholders' rights include the following:

  • Right to transfer shares.
  • Right of first choice.
  • Right to repurchase shares in case of death or disability.
  • Right to participate in the launch and management of a startup.

Employment Contracts and Offer Letters

Employment contracts without vague wordings are an important part of a startup. Project managers must draw up employment contracts for all employees and offers for new staff. These documents will provide a clear understanding of employee responsibilities. Employment contracts and offers must contain the following information:

  • Terms of employment (remuneration, compensation, number of working hours, information about vacation, sick pay).
  • Requirements or obligations
  • Company policy (dress code, corporate events)

A startup consultant can help with the drafting of all of the above documents.

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