Team training

Customer staff training is a program that helps employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles.



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Team training definition is the following:

A special training for employees, which is carried out to improve professional skills, obtain individual knowledge on specific tasks, teach teamwork, etc.

Organization of team training is a very important process.

Why is it needed to train you team?

People come to the team with their already established set of habits and behavioral traits. In order to create а team environment and achieve a unified completely that drives the project to success, it is necessary for each employee to learn what YOU need.

And then the mechanism will work debugged, and most importantly – very productively.

In order to train employees, it is necessary to understand that all its members are adults, mature personalities. To teach an adult new skills and knowledge, it is necessary to understand HOW adults learn.

Teaching methods such as seminars and courses only help when teaching young students. With age, we change and types of behavior, impulses change with us. The main difference in learning between adults and children:

Children learn for the future. Adults study for the present.

In other words, when you were a child, you taught many subjects, because "they will be needed in the future." But for adults, this is not motivation. They already live their "future" and solve problems here and now.

HOW will we conduct team training and development?

  1. Only specific solutions

We teach employees to solve current problems effectively.

When organizing employee training, the topic of team training program should relate directly to the current state of affairs. We teach the knowledge that people can apply now, because if the received information is not applied within a day, then the time for training was wasted.

There are no abstract solutions, only specific examples related to specific people.

  1. Easy language of studying. We speak in simple words about complex things during the team training process.
  2. A sense of humor

Humor is the perfect way to let participants relax. The right atmosphere is very important for the receptivity of adults. Therefore, there is always room for jokes and fun.

  1. No prejudice

All adults are subject to prejudice. We do not impose our own prejudices, but talk about a different look at the old rules.

  1. Each employee is a coach

If you took a person to the team, then he is a professional. It is important that during the training of employees there should be a mutual exchange of experience between them. We allow everyone to talk about their existing experience in the situation under consideration.

  1. Active learning

In an average adult, the attention span is about 30 minutes. This means that no matter how interesting and important the topic of discussion is, after half an hour, employees will no longer perceive the information properly.

How do we solve this? Activity. The inclusion of activity blocks in organizing employee training helps participants to stay focused and attentive.

  1. Respect for social roles

Besides the fact that the person is an employee, he is also a spouse, parent, neighbor, tourist, football player, etc.

To be effective at work, a person must develop in all areas of life. We do not suppress the social roles of employees, but rather we encourage comprehensive development outside the team. The personality of a person depends on them. This is important, because when forming a team, it is important that individuals work with you, but as a whole.

  1. We value time

An adult is constantly busy. Therefore, we do not hold a 3-hour seminar, but rather we devote more days to the training of employees and give information in blocks so that employees can apply it. And of course, we check that all the gained knowledge has been acquired.

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