Technical Description | Technical specification document

Technical description – it is a regulatory and methodological document that is developed as a supplement to technical specifications, general technical requirements and standards.



  • Pages per document: 20-100 pages     
  • Font size: 14    
  • Document format: docx, pdf    
  • Development time: 7-30 days    
  • Prepayment: 50% of the total amount    
  • Signing a contract: yes    
  • Free consultations: yes (1 hour)    

Product technical specification document is a document that is developed primarily as a supplement to the technical conditions or general technical specifications and standards. The technical document specification can be used as normative and technical documentation in the production and quality assessment of any product, product, equipment, along with other standards.

The technical description is developed separately for each specific product. The need for this arises because all types of products have different indicators, the methods for their manufacture differ, and during certification procedures the requirements for different product groups differ. In some cases, it is possible to draw up a single functional technical specification of the product, but only if the production of a product is identical with another, and all its indicators are similar to those of another product.

Product Technical Specification Details

Each functional requirement document is a strictly structured document, which includes many different sections and paragraphs. At the same time, each section lists certain requirements or norms imposed either on any process, or on the product / device indicator, or describing the rules for carrying out a certain procedure.

As a rule, the following information is indicated in the technical documentation:

  • The full name of the product, as well as its description, listing its main characteristics;
  • Scope of the document;
  • The basic functional requirements that apply to a particular model, to its design, size range and other indicators;
  • In the event that this information is not spelled out in the technical documentation, it is necessary to indicate all materials and raw materials from which the product is made, as well as all components and equipment used in the production of this product;
  • Information on the rules of storage, transportation, labeling, packaging and so on;
  • Safety measures for production and use;
  • Requirements for the procedure for assessing the quality of the device;
  • If this is required, then as an application to the technical description of the product is attached a drawing, photo card or sketch of the controlled type of product.


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