Concept of resource: managing an organization's resources

Concept of resource – a description of an innovative idea, which is essentially productive.



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What are organizational management concepts?

Concepts for managing an organization's resources are the organization of company’s resources (human and material), as well as building a development plan and focusing all efforts on achieving the goal. In other words, we can name it administration of a company or a particular project.

What is the concept of organizational resources?

The concept of resource is a company that creates specific documentation and helps to conduct IT projects and business projects. The resource management concept’s customers are both private customers and many large international companies.

What does the concept of creating resources do?

The human resource management concepts provide the following products and services:

  1. Technical and documentary support for a project that has just begun to be developed:
  • Writing a survey questionnaire.
  • Creating of startup documents for businesses and software.
  • Creating of resource concept.
  • Writing business requirements/business needs.
  • Conducting a customer or market research.
  • Provide a target audience rating p
  • Creating of justification for development.
  1. The technical and documentation support of the project, which has already entered the development stage:
  • Creating of functional specifications.
  • Creating business logic description.
  • Creating of technical description.
  • Creating of technical software specification.
  • Development of business logic in existing processes.
  • Writing user’s manuals/guides.
  1. The development of the following additional documents:
  • Data storage scheme.
  • Website technical requirements.
  • Mobile application development documentation.
  • Code documentation.
  • Certificate of technical regulations.
  • General and special technical conditions.

In addition, a resource planning concept provides the additional services such as:

  • Conducting the customer satisfaction
  • Consulting.
  • Customer staff training.
  • Outsource full-stack team.

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