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Technical certificate – an information and reference document that displays the actual state of the object under development, where all the fundamental information about the system is recorded.



  • Pages per document: 5-20 pages     
  • Font size: 14    
  • Document format: docx, pdf    
  • Development time: 5-14 days    
  • Prepayment: 50% of the total amount    
  • Signing a contract: yes    
  • Free consultations: yes (1 hour)    

Technical acceptance certificate is a document reflecting the main characteristics of the capital construction facility. The main role of analyst is to develop high-quality technical documentation for the conformity assessment: EAC Certificate, EAC Declaration, state registration, fire safety certification, etc., based on the physical measurement of the linear values of the objects, their area and volume characteristics.

The building certificate of technical regulations includes:

  • Inventory number, number in the register of the housing stock and cadastral number.
  • Operational, architectural and planning indicators - such as series, type of project, etc.
  • The year of construction and the last overhaul.
  • The number of floors, an explication to the floor plan.
  • The area of the building and apartments, the distribution of the area of apartments by the number of rooms, etc.
  • Technical description of the building or its main extension.
  • Data on the improvement of the area of apartments.
  • Information about the owners or owners of the building.
  • The cost of the building (full balance sheet, residual balance sheet and actual inventory). The full book and residual book value of the building is determined by the BTI for statistical accounting, and the actual inventory for the taxation of citizens.

Why the technical regulation certificate is so important?

Technical passport is the primary document for the maintenance of building engineering systems

The data reflected in the technical standard certificate are very important in the installation and maintenance of various building systems and make the operation of the building safe.

Maintenance of building systems is carried out according to the technical inspection certificate. All systems - engineering, fire, utility, - are installed according to the data of the technical passport in the places corresponding to the state standard, which is also indicated in the document.

Planned verification of any orientation (verification of engineering systems, fire safety, alarm systems, technical condition of the building) is carried out in accordance with the data stated in the technical passport. When they are changed, appropriate additions are made to the document. In addition, the availability of correct data is important when carrying out repairs and organizing actions in case of emergencies (in case of fire, collapse).

So, certificate technical analysis is necessary in such cases as:

  • putting the building into operation;
  • in case of modernization or welding work;
  • redevelopment of the building or individual blocks of premises;
  • using the machines in dangerous industrial objects.

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