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User manuals – a document containing information about the design, principle of operation, characteristics (properties) of the product, its constituent parts and instructions necessary for the correct and safe operation of the product and assessments of its technical condition when determining the need to send the product for repair, as well as information on the disposal of the product or its component parts.



  • Pages per document: 20-50 pages     
  • Font size: 14    
  • Document format: docx, pdf    
  • Development time: 14-28 days    
  • Prepayment: 50% of the total amount    
  • Signing a contract: yes    
  • Free consultations: yes (1 hour)    

The software manual is a document of a normative and technical nature, which is a part of the package of documentation attached to all technically complex products.

The software user manual is an explanatory document, which is obliged to provide buyers with all the basic information on the use of goods, the document contains not only textual information, but also various types of diagrams, drawings, graphs and photographs that allow you to visually familiarize yourself with certain processes during the operation of the product.

It should be noted that in certain cases, the software user guide is required for the execution of certain permits.

Other names or other forms of a user manual are the following:

  • Instruction guide.
  • Service user guide.
  • User guide.
  • Software manual.
  • User instructions.
  • User requirements specification.
  • Operational manual.

The main goals of the user guide manual

The first goal of the web-manual is to assist a user. The second goal is to expand the customer experience. The third goal is to take into account all legal requirements for the sale of the product. However, the main goal is to give answers for HOW TO and WHAT questions.

The development of user specification

Writing a user manual is fraught with various kinds of difficulties, therefore, competent people with sufficient knowledge in the field of development of design documentation for goods and able to correctly and clearly state the main points in the process of use should be involved in its development.

What the user’s guide should contain?

First, the user requirements document should contain the step-by-step instructions and information which helps the user to understand the procedural information.

Therefore, the user’s manual should contain the following mandatory sections:

  • introductory part;
  • content;
  • full description of the product and the conditions of its operation;
  • the possibility of technical support;
  • possible malfunctions and methods for their elimination;
  • glossary, subject index and other necessary information.

These sections of user manual for software application should contain the following information:

  1. Name of a product.
  2. Serial number or model.
  3. Application area.
  4. Main features.
  5. Description of the user interface.
  6. Installation instructions.
  7. Technical specification.
  8. Guarantee information.

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