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Website technical requirements – a document that contains general information about the company, its goals, as well as requirements for the structure, design and content of the future site.



  • Pages per document: 20-80 pages     
  • Font size: 14    
  • Document format: docx, pdf    
  • Development time: 3-14 days    
  • Prepayment: 50% of the total amount    
  • Signing a contract: yes    
  • Free consultations: yes (1 hour)    

Website specification is a document that governs the technical, quality and other characteristics of the finished product. The customer of the product compiles the website specification document, it is often confused with the design documentation used in the manufacture and developed by the manufacturer. Hence, quite often, customers have an incorrect belief that the website technical documentation should be made directly by the contractor.

The customer should make website specification. First, because at the stage of preparation he knows much more about his project than the contractor.

Website user requirement’s content

Website requirements document should contain the following points:

  • Type of site, its purpose;
  • Preferred website design;
  • Technical implementation of a content management system.
  • If the customer draws up a statement of work for the development of an online store, it is necessary to indicate all the points relating to his work: the estimated number of goods, the format of their description, integration with accounting and warehouse programs, reporting, etc. The completeness of the specified requirements for the online store at the stage of drafting the technical specifications in the future will greatly simplify its operation without any modifications.

What gives website requirements specification to the customer?

  • Documentation of website protects the customer. When working with an unscrupulous contractor (unfortunately, these also happen), this document as an appendix to the main contract acts as the main argument of the customer regarding the poorly provided services.
  • Website requirements document helps structure ideas. Often, customers ask the developers with completely vague and fragmented thoughts, wordings and wishes. Understanding what should be achieved as a result is easy: you need to put everything on the shelves and put it into a single document.
  • Website specification saves the budget. If there is a well-thought-out technical task, the probability of problems (and therefore additional costs) in the process of creating the site tends to zero.

What gives site documentation to the contractor?

  • Just as in the case of the customer, a competently drawn up website specification helps the contractor to solve many problems at the coordination stage, thereby preserving the precious nerves in the process of developing the site.
  • Documentation of website protects the contractor. In fact, all that needs to be done to the contractor is to comply with all the requirements and wishes set forth in the statement of work for the site. If the customer requires something that was not originally discussed, the contractor can always refer to the documents.

Website requirements specification gives clear instructions. A detailed technical task, including a description of all the important and significant points of the future site, will speed up the development process, reducing the number of questions and discussions.

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